Wiseacre Farm and the Future of Food

April 12, 2021

A recent episode of the History Channel show Modern Marvels, titled “The Future of Food,” featured the Wiseacre Farm, a hydroponic farm located in the north Chicago suburbs. As a hydroponic farm, they produce fresh, hyperlocal lettuce, herbs, and greens for consumers in the Chicago area. Wiseacre farm is owned and operated by the Sheinfeld family. Father Aviad Sheinfeld grew up visiting his grandparents’ farm in Israel, which instilled a life-long appreciation for farming. He originally came upon the hydroponic methods as a possible supplemental science program for a local school, but he loved the innovative idea so much he turned it into a business with his father Sam and daughter Yael.

The episode of Modern Marvels followed the Sheinfelds as they grew and harvested produce while explaining the process of hydroponic farming utilizing large metal containers similar to those you see on semi-trucks. The units are self-contained, temperature-controlled, using specialized lights and careful growing techniques to grow wonderful, healthy produce. The compact containers can produce the equivalent volume of two acres of farmland. The Small Business Answer Show is just the latest to feature Aviad, Yael, and their impressive farm. The History Channel, Forbes, and The Chicago Tribune have all produced stories about the Sheinfeld’s incredible venture and its impact on the north Chicago community.

For more information about Wiseacre Farm check out the links below: 

The Wiseacre Farm website:

Watch their episode of Modern Marvels: “The Future of Food” Modern Marvels

Or find them on Social Media:

@WiseacreFarmIL on Facebook on Instagram 

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