We Duct Taped this Episode with Red Green of the Red Green Show

May 10, 2021

We’re honored to welcome a very special guest, Steve Smith (aka Red Green) of the Red Green Show! His family-friendly DIY/sketch show ran for 15 seasons and over 300 EPISODES on Canadian Television and on PBS here in the states! Each episode followed Red Green and a cast of characters as they solve problems with creative solutions that weren’t always effective but were always hilarious!

Steve began his career in entertainment playing cover songs in a band when he learned the saying, “if you’re not putting something new into it, you’re not gonna get a living out of it,” which became his mantra as he created the Red Green Show. Steve also shared some behind-the-scenes stories, including the ideas behind some of their iconic characters, favorite moments from the show, and even some celebrity fans. We also heard stories of on-set injuries and got Steve to recite “the man’s prayer”! It was truly a privilege to have Steve on the show, and we cannot thank him enough for coming on and creating such a fantastic, wholesome show!

Scott’s already logging on to subscribe to Steve’s new “Possum Lodge Podcast”, and get himself an official Red Green hat! If you want to check out the podcast or buy a hat for yourself, visit

Or check him out on social media:

@RedGreen on Facebook

@RedGreenTV on Youtube

@realredgreen on Twitter


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